Monday, May 7, 2012

Spit Happens

I've been working on some DIY baby shower gifts idea. This one is so stolen borrowed from my momma. Thanks mom!!

Fancy Burp Rags

I found some prints on sale at Hobby Lobby. I didn't need much fabric (and didn't really want a bunch of leftovers) so I only bought 1/2 a yard of each print.

I would recommend the pre-folded cloth diapers. They seem easier to handle (plus the extras make awesome dust rags!) Bonus: The bottoms aren't really straight so mistakes (or not-so-straight lines) aren't a huge boo-boo.
I thought a three inch band on the bottom of the cloth was a good size so I cut the fabric at about 7 inches. (Room to turn and tuck things!)


This is hard to see but I stitched the top edge 3 inches up on the cloth. (Turn the fabric over and iron down the seam. See below.)

To make a nice corner, fold the bottom of the fabric up (make sure you fold you turn down that edge too.) Sew up the sides of the fabrics. Turn right side out (see below).

Sew unattached side (with edges folded under). There really is no way to hide this (like your first side) so make sure both sides are lined up and sew STRAIGHT! :) Some of mine were a little shakey!

And tada.....

I did a practice run to figure out the issues but after that I could bang these things out in no time! Hope they are handy for all my soon-to-be-mommy friends!