Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No-Sew Workout Tank

This pin has been calling my name. It's a no-sew workout tank. If you can cut it, you can make it. That's my kind of project. Here's how:

1. Old comfy T-Shirt
(next time I will use one that has a graphic all over the front... gives it more "pizazz")

2. Cut off the sleeves, neckline and bottom hem.

3. Cut the back into more of a racer-back. Chop a deep V into the back also.

4. Pull a string of t-shirt yarn from the bottom hem.

5. Tie and start wrapping.

6. Wait for it...

At this point it's more of a at-home/outside workout tank. Not sure I've perfected it enough for gym-wear. I'll get there. :)

And then....
I made this adorable cubs tank!

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