Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bathroom Redo

There really isn't much room for us to do a whole lot of "new" things to our itty bitty bathroom but we updated a couple of things.

Painted old vanity black and added new fronts to the drawers and cabinets.

New shower curtain and SOFT towels (wedding gifts!)

Found a clearanced over the pot cabinet etagere for first aid and neccessities. (Thank you target!)

We ripped out (after a failed attempt to paint it) the tiny black medicine cabinet. Who really needs one when you have an over the pot cabinet etagere?!? We swiped the mirror from the guest bathroom (which was replaced with a new one... verdict is still out on that one) and stuck it in our bathroom. It matches my West Elm mercury glass pieces.

 Some would say it needs a splash of color. But who are we kidding? We painted the walls gray (imagine that) and added black, white, silve, and gray accessories. AND WE LOVE IT! Who needs color when you've got mercury glass on your side!

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