Monday, March 26, 2012

Step One

Picked up some new sewing "stuff" from Hobby Lobby. (50% off... of course.)

 I also managed to take the machine out of the box. After some exploration I noticed I'm missing an important part (presser foot).

As soon as I find one of those, and learn how to thread the darn thing, I'll be all set to go.

 I even found several easy sewing books at the library. Anything titled Me and My Sewing Machine  has got to be helpful.

After spending some time on Pinterest (one of my favorite hobbies), I've decided I want to learn to make things like this:

Now back to reality. What I really think I'll be making:

 Setting my goals high. Why not? 
My mom says, "If you can read, you can sew!

1 comment:

  1. So it appears the first thing you are making is nursery curtains. Hmmm.... Or did that crib just happen to be in the picture you selected? ;)